7. French Bulldog - Outgoing Attention-Seeker
This is a delightful and lively dog who loves attention - the more the better. His best friend is always the person he’s with at that moment. The Frenchie has a sense of humor and loves to make people laugh. On the downside, he’s not always fond of young children or other dogs, and he can become a tyrant if left to go his own way.

—From the Top 10 Social Dog Breeds

People often frown when I call Bruley a slut or a manwhore or when I make comments about how he goes to 2nd or 3rd base before buying you dinner, but it’s true. I’m fully aware my dog loves me, until someone more loveable walks by. And by loveable I mean anyone really. Mean, nice, just—human. Then, I’m toast.

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